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Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Gallery


"Am. Ch. Tejas Sunrise Suprise"
Breeder/Owner: Boliva Powell - Dallas, Texas, USA

"Ch Karlshof King of the Road"
Owner: Graciela Miguel - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Breeder: Karl M. Barth - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

"Can. Ch. Beauideal You Zig I Zag"
Owned/Breeder: Lisa Sarvas Reeves & Scott Reeves - , , Canada

Owned/Breeder: Robert Lemay - , , Canada

"Sgt. Kelly Rampage Repetition CDX, MX, AAD, JM, RM, SM, FDCH"
Owned by: Ruth Van Keuren - USA

"Ch Noreg DreamCatcher"
Owned/Breeder: Cherry Grobler - South Africa

"Can.Ch.Minuteman These Boots"
Breeder/Owner: Catherine McMillan - Delisle, Saskatchewan, Canada

"SUCh Barcol's Champagne Jeanmaire"
Breeder/Owner: Barbro Coldenberg - Sweden

"Ch Garlyn StarCatcher"
Breeder/Owner: Evelyn Hoover - Mesquite, Texas, USA

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"Minihawk Miniature Schnauzers"
Owner: Connie Hawk - Benwood, West Virginia, USA.

"Sgt. Sara Von Bufferin CDX, TD, MX, CGC"
Owner: Ruth Van Keuren - River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

"Ch. Karlshof Kaptain Kidd"
1997 Top Miniature Schnauzer in America
Owner/Breeder: Karl M. Barth Ph.D. - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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"Nicolette's Queen of Diamonds"
Owned by: Rodolfo E. Kilain - Lafayette, Indiana, USA

"Finnish & Latvian Ch. Brinata Vergina"
Owned by: Anna Vtnen - Helsinki, Finland
Bred by: Hilkka Salohalla - Veikkola, Finland

"Swedish CH Motown's Rock'n Roll"
Owner/Breeder: Pauline Bjklund - Sweden

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"Finnish & Estonian Ch Brinata Port Wine"

Owners: Kirsi Roisko & Hilkka Salohalla - Finland
Breeder: Mrs. Hilkka Salohalla, Veikkola, Finland


" Gus " Ch. Awesomes Repitition Obenezer
Owners: Hal Smith & Jan Smith
Breeders: Janice Ramel & Harold & Jan Smith

"Princess Portia"
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer - pepper/salt
Owner: P F Verberne - USA

"Rioux's Snoopy" at 8 weeks
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer - salt/pepper
Owner: Heather and Andre Rioux - Onoway, Alberta, Canada


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer - salt/pepper

Owner: Barbara Parker - Rochester, New York, USA


Photos from Schnauzerware